For our Restaurateurs

Our à la carte vegetable program for restaurants was a growing success last season.  We provided vegetables, herbs and flowers for several restaurants in Ottawa and Montreal. 

Some items that were popular with our restaurant clients include:

Rhubarb, salad turnips, kohl-rabi, bon-vivant salad mix, gai-lan, watermelon radish,  rutabaga, beets, baby carrots. We have learned a lot and continue to work on growing robust and varied products.

New items we are growing this year:

molokhia (jute mallow), wild cucumber (aka Armenian cucumber), green zaatar, garden cress, kusa summer squash, Jerusalem artichoke, nettles, celeriac, mint, sage, chick-pea pods, basil.

If there are any specialty items you’d like, let us know we are happy to accommodate.