Our CSA is about partnering with our farm. You are a shareholder. Your weekly share is picked fresh to order either the day before or the harvest day.

By reserving your Garden Share, we grow precisely the amount of product to fill the CSA Baskets.

We offer four pick-up locations in Ottawa, Montreal, Farmers’ Market and the farm.

When do I reserve my family’s garden share?

The CSA Garden Shares sell out quickly. Please remember that we are a small farm and that there are a limited number of shares available on a strictly first-come, first-serve basis. If you are serious about a garden, reserve your share with full payment or place a deposit and pay the remaining balance in two installments.

How do I reserve my family’s garden share?

Your share for 2022 is reserved when we receive your $200 deposit or full payment. You can do this online by sending an email transfer to circlepathfarm@gmail.com or stopping by the farm with cash or cheque. Regardless of how you choose to pay, your reservation must be filled out online, as all our records are managed electronically. Please note that there are no refunds of deposits after March 30, 2022, for any reason.

How do deposits/payments work?

We realize that paying for an entire season of fresh produce at one time can be challenging for many of us. However, with a $200 deposit, you can reserve your garden shares for an entire season. After that, you can pay for your garden share in two equal payments.

I changed my mind. Can I get my deposit refunded?

We offer a full refund of your deposit (minus any transactions fees or incentives incurred) for 30 days after your reservation is made or until March 30, whichever comes first. For cancellations after the 30-day window, we offer a farm credit for your deposit (minus a $25 admin/restocking fee). Farm credits may only be redeemed at the farm. Once the season you reserved has begun, we offer no refunds.

Late payments/ Abandoned shares?

Timely payments are your responsibility. We will send you an email reminder two weeks before your payments are due (if you provide an email address. If payment is not received one week after the due date, we will assume the share has been abandoned, and it will be offered to the next family on our waiting list. We do not provide refunds or farm credits for abandoned shares.

Start and Finish Dates

Total Season share (14 weeks)

June 15 – September 29, 2022

After this storage, vegetables may be available for you to stock up for winter until the end of October.

Can I visit the farm at other times?

Check our events section for the happenings at the farm, or give us a call to ensure we are at the farm. 

Pick-up times & locations


Wed 1 – 4:30 pm

Alta Vista Flowers | 613-733-4001

1181 Bank St, Ottawa, ON


Wed 1 – 6 pm

Cafe Sfouf | 514-507-8777

1250 Ontario St. E, Montréal

Wed 1 – 8 pm

Bar L’Hémisphère Gauche | 514-278-6693

221 rue Beaubien E, Montréal

I forgot to pick-up my share on Wednesday, now what?

If you forget or cannot pickup your share and no advance arrangements are made we donate the food to a local charity.

I am going on vacation, how does that work?

You have several options;

If you are away for two weeks of the season, the missing weeks can be rescheduled into October. This gives you a little more runway. Rescheduling of shares MUST be done no later than Monday noon of the week that is being rescheduled. Missed shares cannot be rescheduled. You can have a friend, family member or neighbor collect your share for you while you are away. Be sure to inform your replacement, your pick-up time, location and applicable etiquette for that location. For example, that they will need to bring their own bags and to only take the share with YOUR name on it. We require no notification when you decide to do this.

Can I have someone else pick-up my share for me?

Yes, absolutely. Many of our shareholders give their shares to family or friends while they are away. You do not need to inform us in advance. Please be sure the person picking up your share knows the name your reservation was made under and only takes that bin, or that they know size of the share they are picking up. Please also remind them that they will need to bring their own bags to your pick-up location.


What to expect when you pick-up your share

We try very hard to minimize the use of packaging, whenever possible we use elastic bands or nothing at all. Please bring your own reusable bags with you to your pick-up location. We do not provide them. In most cases we bunch, bag or crate your vegetables in the field when harvesting. With roots we sometimes hose them off afterwards to remove as much of the dirt as possible. We often remove voluminous greens from roots to economize overnight cooler and transportation space. You will need to wash all your vegetables before eating them. However, with greens, we recommend that you delay washing them until immediately before you eat them. They will store much longer this way. Your vegetables are usually harvested the day before your pick-up. We rarely store vegetables longer than a couple days. Everything in your share will be fresh.

Because we are organic growers and we use no pesticides at all (not even ones approved for use on organic farms!) some of the vegetables may show signs of having been previously enjoyed by one or another member of our ecosystem. The insects are yet another seal of organic certification