Circle Path Farm
Origin Story

We found a name for the Farm!

Our farm has often been referred to as just “the Farm”, a simple, and right to the point kind of name. We’ve mulled over a few names over the years, but as a hobby farm, the farm didn’t seem to require the need for a name, it was just what it was. A beautiful 130-acre property that is nestled just below a hill, the farmhouse is guarded by an enormous pine tree on one side and the whole property is shielded by pine and oak trees. Our parents made a difficult decision over 45 years ago to leave the city for the country, there were so many reasons to leave life in Vancouver. For many of the same reasons that people are leaving city life now, to live a simple good life, grow their own food, and have space to raise a family. Hi, we’re Keith and Karen, a brother and sister team, that have returned back to the farm from our respective world travels, operated successful businesses, and are parents to our families. We’ve always had this idea that somehow we would return back to the farm, we just didn’t know how it was going to happen. Nothing like a world pandemic to change paths, eh?

Our farm life started back in the mid-’70s, our parents had an urge to leave the west coast to live a different life. Spurred on by an energy crisis, forecasted changes in the economy, they packed up all our possessions into a converted cattle truck and drove 3,000 miles to a farm purchased site unseen. Our new life started, then on 127 acre abandoned farm in 1978. Early times on the farm were a challenge, but with grit and determination, our parents, reclaimed the land and barn from overgrowth and rot, recycled timbers to renovate our farmhouse and with a thought of energy conservation built a passive solar heated home that is warmed by the sun.

Today, our farm stands as a living testament to what hard work, vision, and creativity can accomplish. Now, my brother and I stand in the very spot almost 40 years later, our father and girlfriend unable to return back to summers on the farm from their winter travels. Faced with a wonderful opportunity to finally launch our lives on the farm, we stepped into co-running and are now planning what the farm will be.

When whisperings of what Covid-19 reality might mean for our lives in the city. Keith and I quickly flew into planning mode, and shortly thereafter a batch of meat chickens was ordered, a chicken coop renovated, and there launched our early start to life on the farm. Now with a plan and a name for the farm four short months later, our path back to the farm has come full circle and here within the name Circle Path Farm felt like the right name for the path to coming home.

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